ICS is the exclusive dealer of UNAMUR NAnoSCAle Modeling (NASCAM) simulation suite that delivers realistic simulations of your coatings by growing them in silico independently of the deposition method.

NASCAM accelerates the process performance evaluation  before committing to prototyping.

With NASCAM, you get better understanding of your process and coating, and you design better product and solve problems.

More than 400 active users worldwide 

NASCAM is simple, user-friendly and several plugins can be ordered to setup simulations and analyze results.

Find below a description of the code and plugins.

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Interested but not willing to perform simulation yourself ?

NASCAM and its plugins



Simulates the time evolution of atoms deposited on a substrate. It is based on the kinetic Monte Carlo (kMC) method.

Process plugins

Three plugins are provided to help users to setup their process: REACTIVE GAZ.

Optic plugin

Computes the optical response of the simulated coating 

Color plugin

Computes the color of the simulated coating

Electric plugin

Computes the electrical properties of the simulated coating by solving the Maxwell equations with a finite elements model.

Make substrate plugin

Generates the substrate on which deposition takes place  

Porosity plugin

Computes the porosity of  the simulated coating

Slice plugin

Creates slices of substrates or simulated coatings to have access to internal morphology.

Roughness plugin

Computes the correlation function of the simulated  coating and display it like an SEM image



Thermal plugin

Computes the thermal properties of the simulated coating.



We organise workshop on how to use NASCAM.