NASCAM new release

New release of the well-known virtual coater NASCAM

ICS is proud to present a new release of the well-known virtual coater NASCAM. New features, faster and perfect to understand your PVD deposition and predict your coating properties.

The new release of NASCAM 4, so called NASCAM 4.8.0, is now ready for distribution.

The upgrade focuses on computational optimization and GUI improvement. A non-exhaustive list of modifications can be found below:

Nascam improvements:

  • Simulation time optimization: up to 8 times faster for thick multi-layered coatings

  • Standardization of energy and angle distribution files

Plugins improvements:

  • Simulation time optimization

GUI improvements:

  • Faster project loading

  • Faster display

  • Access to multiple display windows

  • Access to multiple graphs windows

  • Add heatmap mode for graphs

Do not wait, order this upgrade.

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