Job coating

Do you need a reliable, flexible and open partner who  performs surface treatments for you ? 

We take care of you !

ICS is one-stop shop:

you get all your  need through innovative actions.

We are agile

We adapt ourselves to your product, schedule and quantity

We rent

We do not have the adapted coater ?      No problem, our partner network does

We search the right coating

We do not have the right coating ?

No problem, we look for it through our partner network or develop it

We model

Complex part to be coated ?

No problem, we try first in silico

We measure

Sensitive material to be coated ?

Absolutely need a top notch coating quality ?

No problem, we measure with state of the art surface analytical techniques



We proudly put our 30-year academic and industrial experience in surface treatment and 3D coating to the service of our clients, providing consulting and services in physical vapor deposition as well as surface and interface sciences including pre-and post- treatments, simulation and characterization.

Our team combines highly skilled individuals with a strong industrial and academic background

We follow good laboratory and industry practices.  We apply safe handling, use and disposal of any products we are involved with.

We are commited to green and sustainable technology.

Available tools for your production and product characterization