These terms and conditions apply without restriction nor reserve to any product and/or service provided by the Innovative Coating Solutions SA (ICS).


By contracting or ordering, the client acknowledges and unreservedly subscribes to all these terms and conditions, and renounces overriding them by his own, general or specific or any other dispositions or documents, unless ICS expressly grants and signs an exemption.


ICS reserves the right to change or amend these terms and conditions inter alia to ensure compliance with legal requirements without personally notifying the client and without the client being entitled to any claim to compensation.  It is therefore up to the client to check regularly if any changes have occurred.


In the event that one of the provisions of these terms and conditions of use was found null and void owing to a present or future legal or regulatory provision or a legal ruling by the courts carrying the authority for the matter judged and emanating from a competent jurisdiction or authority, this provision of the agreement would then be considered as unwritten, whereas any or all other provisions of these terms and conditions between the parties would retain their mandatory force.

The temporary or permanent unenforceability of one or more provisions of these terms and conditions shall not operate as a waiver upon the other provisions, which will continue to have effect.


The prices mentioned on the invoice are given in Euro (€) with application of the rules governing the VAT regulations imposed to ICS.

Any new tax imposed between the order and the invoicing periods is chargeable to the buyer.


Invoices are payable on the due date or, if not indicated, within 30 days from the invoicing date.  The customer may not make any payment retention, nor any modification for whatever reason.


Any invoice not paid on the due date will be subject, as of right and without prior notice, to an additional fixed and irreducible 15% surcharge of the unpaid amount, with a minimum of 100€ per invoice. ICS reserves the right to claim, in addition to this fixed surcharge, a reasonable compensation for any other recovery expenses coming from the fixed surcharge and incurred by late payment.

Article 4: Claims

Any claim regarding invoices is to be sent exclusively by email, within 15 days from the day the invoice was sent, to the following address: . Beyond that period, the invoice is considered accepted and no further contestation or claim is allowable.


In the event of litigation, the Belgian law will be applicable exclusively and the Namur jurisdiction will be the sole competent body.